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The Most Unlikely of Favorites

For the longest time, I simply refused to go into a Lush store because the products reminded me the days of "bath crayons" and make-your-own perfume bars. I tend to follow my inner voice, rather than gimmicks or trends, so I can honestly say that this week was the first time I've even set foot in a Lush store.

The reason?

I have clients of varying income ranges and tastes. Some hate anything with a strong scent and quite a few used that terrible St. Ive's scrub before I came along & switched them to products better-suited for their skin.

In my online research, I kept hearing about this "Dark Angels" cleanser. SO what did I do? Naturally, I tried it! And here's the verdict...

For those of you who aren't into girly smells... You're covered...

For those of you who would like to exfoliate daily... You're covered

For those of you who like natural ingredients... You're covered

Upon opening the can, the stuff looks as if it's going to be powder, NOPE. It's thick and stuck together, so be careful not to grab too much. The instructions say to use a "pea-sized" amount. I'd say maybe 2 peas are really all you need. It even removed my eye makeup! The cool thing about this stuff is that it's got the soapy properties of a cleanser, essential oils (Avocado, Sandalwood, & Rosewood) for hydration, mud for drawing out impurities and black sugar for exfoliation.

The only thing that was difficult to get past at first was the fact that the smell is a little reminiscent of a garage, but I credit that to the high mineral content.

In a nutshell, it cleanses AND exfoliates just the right amount for once-daily use and has soothing properties as well. (It can also be used as a body scrub) Also, it won't break the bank. I bought a small one to try for around $15 plus tax.

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