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I require a minimum of 3 days prior to booking for all cancellations (except television live shots).

A 2 hour minimum fee will be imposed for cancellations less than 24 prior to booking.

Cancellations made due to weather conditions, emergencies & extenuating circumstances can be made without penalty.



Client is responsible for ALL hotel expense if overnight stay is required and/or additional travel expenses the artist incurs while on the job. A $20 gas fee will be added to all bookings requiring more than 1 hour of drive time.



A full day rate will be charged if I’m needed “on call” for the whole day. A day rate consists of eight consecutive hours, with one ½ hr lunch break. This booking arrangement cannot be changed after I arrive for the appointment. Day rate must be specified at the time of booking and must be paid even if I am not needed for the full day.

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